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    A grown man is still caught in the crossfire of his parents 15 year divorce. He discovers he was unknowingly part of a study on divorced children and is enlisted in a follow-up years later, which wreaks new havoc on his family.

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    The bad-guy character in a classic game who longs to be a hero brings trouble to his entire arcade after sneaking into a new first-person shooter game and unleashing a deadly enemy.

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    A high-school Spanish teacher becomes the director of the school's Glee club, hoping to restore it to its former glory.

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            Jane Lynch Talks Glee Pregnancy: ‘I Would Rather Not Give Birth’ On TV

            Sue Sylvester is pregnant with her first child on “Glee,” and Jane Lynch – who plays the acid-tongued cheer coach on the FOX hit – is hoping she won’t have to film a labor and delivery scene.

            “I think what’s going to happen is when we come back for next the season, either I will be in the stirrups having the baby, or I will have had the baby,” the Emmy Award-winning actress told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover of Sue Sylvester’s soon-to-arrive spawn, during an interview on Thursday’s Access Hollywood Live. “So, I think we’re going to miss the big pregnancy.”

            The actress is personally pulling for the latter option, as she told Billy and Kit the idea of screaming with contractions in a birthing scene is less than appealing.

            “I would rather not give birth on television, but if they write me a good enough scene, I will,” she said with a laugh.

            As for who fathered Sue’s bundle of joy (the baby daddy has remained a point of mystery thus far), Jane said no one knows his identity — including “Glee” showrunner Ryan Murphy.

            “I don’t know [who the father is]. I asked Ryan and he said, ‘I haven’t decided yet,’” she said. “So, we don’t even know!”

            Catch the Season 3 finale of “Glee” – Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX.


            Jane Lynch will host the 2012 FiFi Fragrance Awards

            When and where? – May 21st, Alice Tully Hall, New York City

            “Me on billboard in Times Square announcing The Fragrance Awards! I am hosting The Fifis. June 21.”
            Jane Lynch via twitter


            Article & video: Jane Lynch got psyched about a better career

            Before hitting it big on Glee as coach Sue Sylvester, who we all love to hate, Jane Lynch worked on first rate comedies including Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

            On the TV end, Lynch also received attention for her hilarious recurring role as Charlie Harper’s therapist on Two and a Half Men, and her work in the well-received Starz comedy Party Down. Glee, however, has since been her bread and butter, as the show garnered her a Golden Globe win in 2011. Last year, Lynch released her memoir, Happy Accidents, and she told us that it was a therapy session which served as a turning point for her career.


            Yes, ‘Glee’ coach Sue Sylvester is pregnant

            Glee won’t be back with new episodes until April 10, but its Emmy-winning star, Jane Lynch, has found a way to keep busy besides practicing her cheerleader-coach Sue Sylvester’s putdowns. She guest-hosted on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday, chatting with 78-year-old comedy icon Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa.

            “The hours before, I was doing manic researching, breaking out crying … not really,” says Lynch, 51, sounding as cool and collected as she did on-air during her first-ever TV interviewer job. While she says she loves acting, she also enjoys talking to people and having the opportunity to learn new things.

            Did Rivers, who is known for her caustic commentary of celebrity awards-show attire, critique her outfit? “She didn’t,” Lynch says. “At least, not on the show.” The actress, who wore a dark jacket over a beige blouse, gives her ensemble a thumbs-down, though. “I should have worn color.”

            As for Sue, the single lady was last seen declaring herself to be pregnant. Is that true?

            “Yes, she is about four months along,” she says. “I have a pregnancy pad to wear and new track suits with empire waists. ”

            Who is the father? “I don’t know. I don’t think they have decided yet.”

            Those Gleeks who need a Lynch fix in the meantime can see her as a nun in The Three Stooges: The Movie, opening April 13.



            ‘Glee’ Star Jane Lynch Uses Her Snark for the Good of Our Kids

            It seems like every few years there’s another epidemic sweeping into the lives of our kids and terrifying parents. A few years ago, we finally got hip to childhood obesity. This past year, it’s been bullying. And no TV show has done more than Glee to put the torture kids across America encounter every day in school right in your face where you can’t deny it.

            The only problem? Bullies are getting their start much earlier these days. And Glee’s message has largely been directed at the high school set. Until now. Thanks to Jane Lynch, aka snarky cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, little kids of America are about to get a dose of Glee-style anti-bullying education.

            Lynch is taking the biting insults that have won her a following on Glee to PBS Kids for Monday’s special President’s Day episode of kiddie hit WordGirl. Abandoning her tracksuit for a cape, she’s taking on the role of Miss Power, an uber villain whose secret weapon is using mean words to hurt people. Sound like anyone we know and love, Gleeks?

            I never thought my kid would have to deal with people like this … at least not until high school. But for us the bullying started in preschool, and I was amazed at how quickly one kid with a big mouth could rally other kids to do her bidding. The problem isn’t just one kid with a mean streak. It’s how one mean kid can convince traditionally “good” kids to get on board.

            And Jane Lynch is the perfect one to make that point to our kids.

            Lynch may not be a cheerleading coach, but she wields some crazy powers of persuasion that she holds over her Cheerios on Glee. Only instead of Brittany and Santana being sent off to do her dirty deeds with threats that they’ll be kicked off the squad if they don’t comply, it will be heroine WordGirl who is convinced to try out being a bully for awhile to get what she wants. Of course all turns out right in the end (I won’t completely spoil it — this is one of the few kid shows I can watch right along with my daughter, so I can see other parents doing the same).


            article: ‘I couldn’t have coped with fame when I was younger’

            Really interesting article I thought I should post :)

            My life has changed since ‘Glee’ I recently went to my doctor and had no make-up on. I didn’t look great, and had to put my bag in front of my face when someone tried to take my picture. Then again, when I first picked my daughter up from school, the kids were like, “It’s Sue Sylvester.” Now I’m just another mum.

            If I could talk to my 20-year-old self I would first of all shake her by the shoulders, get rid of the perm, and say, “Just relax, and don’t worry so much.”

            My troubles were of my own making I’ve lived quite a safe life, but for some reason I suffered. No horrible things – I’m of a privileged white class – but I had all sorts of shames and fears. I’m a little bit of a worrier. Even now I’m full of anxiety, afraid the parade’s going to pass me by.

            Once you shine a light on your fears they become laughable One day in therapy I was talking about how pissed off I was that people were passing me on the wrong side of my bike and how dangerous it was. My therapist said, “I want you to write a monologue in that voice.” I did and I barely got through it, we were laughing so hard.

            I couldn’t have coped with fame when I was younger I was very influenced by what I’d hear on the outside. I would have been reading blogs and they would have hurt my feelings. Or if they were positive, they would have inflated me. I would have had a hard time finding a happy medium 20 years ago. At 51 I can handle it.

            The great thing about the industry today is that you can create something and get people to see it When I was in my twenties and thirties I would be doing little sketch shows and the only people who would see them would be those who drunkenly came down the street and fell into our theatre. Today, people have their own YouTube channels.

            Hosting the Emmys last year was stressful but I’m glad I had the experience. What kept me sane was that I knew that the awards were the most important thing about the event.

            I have about 30 tracksuits for ‘Glee’ They’re crazy colours. I have a fuchsia one. I have a lime-green one. They’re just… they’re fabulous.

            Source: independent.co.uk

            Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison join George Clooney in “8″

            LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) – It was a pretty big deal when George Clooney agreed to perform in Dustin Lance Black’s play “8.”

            It just got bigger.

            Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, Rob Reiner, Martin Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Campbell Brown, Matt Bomer, Cleve Jones, Christine Lahti, Rory O’Malley, Yeardley Smith and George Takei also will star, the producers said Thursday.

            “8″ is about the trial in a San Francisco federal court that overturned California’s Proposition 8, which banned gays and lesbians from marrying.

            Black wrote the play based on transcripts of the trial, interviews with plaintiffs and their families, and what he witnessed in the courtroom during the proceedings. Black won an Academy Award for his screenplay “Milk,” about gay-rights activist Harvey Milk, and narrated the 2010 documentary “8: The Mormon Proposition.”

            Clooney and Sheen will play renowned lawyers David Boies and Theodore B. Olsen, respectively. Boies and Olsen were rivals in the Bush v. Gore case but joined forces to try to defeat Proposition 8.

            Curtis and Lahti will play Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, a lesbian couple who sue to overturn the measure. Morrison and Bomer will play Paul Katami and Jeff Zarillo, a gay couple who also sued.

            Lynch, an out-of-the-closet lesbian, will play Maggie Gallagher, an opponent of marriage equality. Reiner, known for his progressive views, will play David Blankenhorn, founder and president of the Institute for American Values.

            The American Foundation for Equal Rights and Broadway Impact are licensing “8″ at no charge to colleges and community theaters nationwide later this year.

            The all-star West Coast premiere is scheduled for March 3 at the Wilshire Ebell Theater in Los Angeles.

            Source: Yahoo! News

            Jane and Lara Donate to HS Rowing Team!

            Jane and Lara are so amazing in every way. They donated a large sum of money to a HS Rowing team.  Read more about it below!

            Former Sarasota resident Jane Lynch, who won a Golden Globe last month for playing the sharp-tongued Sue Sylvester on the hit musical television series “Glee,” and her wife, Lara Embry, have given $15,000 in money and equipment to Manatee County’s first rowing team.

            “I’ve never rowed, but I’m vowing to sometime soon,” Lynch said Thursday when the couple phoned the Bradenton Herald from their Los Angeles home.

            “She’s no neophyte, though,” Embry added. “She’s been out to plenty of races.”

            Said Lynch: “I’m planning on going with Lara to Palmetto and supporting the team — and maybe I will get in a boat then.

            Embry’s rowing partner happens to be Trish Jackson, the founder and coach of Palmetto High School Rowing Club.

            “We love to go out and support our great friend Trish,” Embry said.

            Embry plans to visit Manatee County as often as once a month and assist the rowing club. A psychologist who worked for Carter Psychology Center in Bradenton until relocating to Southern California, Embry and Jackson have won medals at USRowing Masters Nationals as well as other races around the country. They met six years ago.

            “Lara is one of my closest friends,” Jackson told the Herald. “And she is my rowing partner, which is thicker than anything else.”

            A visit by Embry to the new rowing team, which already has more than 30 students, prompted the gift.

            Embry and Lynch are challenging the Manatee Youth Rowing Program, along with its families, friends and supporters, to raise another $5,000. If their goal is successful, the couple will match the total with an additional $5,000 grant for the program.

            “I’m very blessed that they’re great friends and it blew my mind when they told me this,” Jackson said. “We’re working on how we can raise that money when times are tough, through the generosity of people like a volunteer coach who already gave $2,000.”

            Lynch, who also earned an Emmy and Screen Actors Guild award last year for playing hot-tempered, high school cheerleading coach Sylvester, has watched Jackson with her rowing students.

            Lynch laughed when asked about similarities between her character and the real-life coach’s approach to instructing teenagers.

            “They’re probably pretty close,” the actress said. “They’re both tough because you need to be, but I don’t see Trish shooting anyone out of a cannon.”

            As for upcoming episodes of “Glee,” which airs at 8 p.m. Tuesdays on Fox, Lynch looks forward to people getting a chance to witness her character perform the My Chemical Romance song, “Sing,” with the glee club.

            “I’ll be doing my own singing with the whole group, baby,” Lynch said.


            Jane’s Interview with Access Hollywood

            Jane talks about running into Kathy Griffith and how she’s going to make a cameo appearance on Glee!

            “I ran into Kathy at the airport [and] she said, ‘Give me [show co-creator] Ryan [Murphy’s] e-mail address – I want to thank him for giving me a spot on ‘Glee,’” Jane Lynch — who plays hard-as-nails cheerleading coach on the hit show — told Access’ Laura “Dish of Salt” Saltman of the future guest star, at the Independent Spirit Awards Gift Lounge in Santa Monica on Saturday. “I’m like, ‘You’re kidding!’ She’s playing one of the judges at regionals and I don’t want to give away what she’s playing but… it’s not at all who you’d think of.

            “It’s a Tea Party candidate… she’s amazing,” Jane continued, excitedly. “She wears this very Sarah Palin outfit and she’s very righteous… She’s pretty amazing in it!”

            While Kathy may be “amazing” in her cameo, will she be able to impersonate the former Vice Presidential candidate better than “Saturday Night Live” alum Tina Fey?

            “I don’t think anyone can out-Tina, Tina Fey in the Sarah Palin department,” Jane laughed. “But Kathy Griffin puts her stamp on her own Sarah Palin character, so it’s great.”

            In addition to playing TV’s biggest bully on an award-winning series, Jane is in the process of penning a memoir in which she’ll open up about very personal battles from her past.

            “I’m in the process of writing [my book] – it’s been announced and everything, so I guess I’ve got to get it done,” Jane told Laura. “My wife is helping me a lot. We’re sitting down and it’s just really been an amazing thing. We’re going through pictures and kind of seeing how I walked through life and hoping that it will help somebody else basically.”

            “What will we learn about you that we don’t know?” Laura asked the actress.

            “I’m an alcoholic,” Jane, who no longer drinks, said. “I’m a perfectionist. I’m a control freak. But, I have a lot of awareness around it these days because now I’m 50 years old and I’m supposed to have awareness. So hopefully I have a story to tell to the fellow control freaks out there!”

            For Jane, hitting the five-decade mark has been sheer joy – bringing with it wisdom, love, a dream job — and she’s having “the time of her life.”

            “I’m a mother — I have a 9-year-old child that [I] just inherited and an 11-year-old I just inherited and [I am in] this wonderful marriage to this wonderful woman,” Jane told Laura of her June 2010 marriage to psychologist Lara Embry.

            “I’m on the show of a lifetime, in the role of a lifetime, working with people I adore,” she raved. “And yeah, I wake up every day going, ‘REALLY?!’”

            Jane previously worked with Charlie Sheen for six years (playing his therapist on “Two and a Half Men”), but said she doesn’t have any advice for the embattled actor because everyone has to “find their own way.”

            “It’s sad. I really don’t even know what to say about it,” Jane told Laura of CBS’ decision to cancel the remainder of the current season of “…Men.” “I feel really bad. I feel bad for everybody.”


            Jane Praises Lea Michele!

            Jane is so nice and gracious!  She has been quoted talking about Lea Michele.  Here’s what she said:

            “I’m not a part of the original music, but I saw both songs performed, it’s the Regional’s episode,” dished Lynch, always perky (in a pantsuit). “The songs are amazing, they really are fantastic.”

            Still, Jane says that it’s Ms. Michele who blew her away the most.

            “Lea sings them like nobody’s business,” continued Jane. “The whole group does a great job, but Lea, of course, is singing lead and she’s amazing.”

            Oh, come on, she’s not always that totally fabulous, is she?

            “She’s a sweetheart,” Jane replied emphatically, when we asked about those pesky diva rumors. “She’s just the best.”

            Hmm. You know what, we might even choose to believe the bitchin’ babe who plays Sue.

            The Golden Globe and Emmy winner ‘fessed she’s really looking forward to some down time in the coming months.

            “When we go on break I’m actually going to have a break.”

            We also asked how much longer Sue Sylvester will be sticking around (these kids are about to hit college, after all).

            Said Lynch:

            “I’m just gonna go with it! Every week I love seeing what I get, Ryan Murphy has taken me all over the place, in terms of what I get to do, and the relationships I get to have.”

            Love Glee, but if Jane goes, we go. She makes the friggin’ show! Well, her and Lea. You know we give credit when credit is due!