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    Role: Dr. Judith
    Release Date: 2012
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    A grown man is still caught in the crossfire of his parents 15 year divorce. He discovers he was unknowingly part of a study on divorced children and is enlisted in a follow-up years later, which wreaks new havoc on his family.

    Wreck-It Ralph
    Sergeant Calhoun (voice)
    Release Date: Nov 2, 2012
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    The bad-guy character in a classic game who longs to be a hero brings trouble to his entire arcade after sneaking into a new first-person shooter game and unleashing a deadly enemy.

    Role: Sue Sylvester
    Currently on Air on FOX
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    A high-school Spanish teacher becomes the director of the school's Glee club, hoping to restore it to its former glory.

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            Jane Lynch Talks Glee Pregnancy: ‘I Would Rather Not Give Birth’ On TV

            Sue Sylvester is pregnant with her first child on “Glee,” and Jane Lynch – who plays the acid-tongued cheer coach on the FOX hit – is hoping she won’t have to film a labor and delivery scene.

            “I think what’s going to happen is when we come back for next the season, either I will be in the stirrups having the baby, or I will have had the baby,” the Emmy Award-winning actress told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover of Sue Sylvester’s soon-to-arrive spawn, during an interview on Thursday’s Access Hollywood Live. “So, I think we’re going to miss the big pregnancy.”

            The actress is personally pulling for the latter option, as she told Billy and Kit the idea of screaming with contractions in a birthing scene is less than appealing.

            “I would rather not give birth on television, but if they write me a good enough scene, I will,” she said with a laugh.

            As for who fathered Sue’s bundle of joy (the baby daddy has remained a point of mystery thus far), Jane said no one knows his identity — including “Glee” showrunner Ryan Murphy.

            “I don’t know [who the father is]. I asked Ryan and he said, ‘I haven’t decided yet,’” she said. “So, we don’t even know!”

            Catch the Season 3 finale of “Glee” – Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX.


            Jane Lynch on Piers Morgan Tonight

            This evening “Piers Morgan Tonight” welcomes comedian, actress, and singer Jane Lynch to the program, for a heartfelt and revealing primetime exclusive.

            Joining Piers Morgan for a face to face sit down, the openly gay “Glee” star reveals her reaction to Barack Obama’s recently-voiced support of gay marriage:

            “It’s just nice to hear that the guy who’s sitting at the – in the big chair in the big white house believes – supports me and my family.”

            Recently recognized as one of the “10 Amazing Gay Women in Showbiz” by POWER UP films, Lynch married her wife Lara in 2010, and together they have two daughters. Asked about facing bigotry and homophobia, Lynch’s response features candor and humor:

            “If there’s anything wrong with me, it has nothing to do with my orientation,” she tells the host. “I’ve got a lot of flaws. But being gay isn’t one of them.”

            Watch the clip, and listen to the interview, then tune in this evening at 9 p.m. as Lynch explains the phase in her life when she behaved exactly like her Glee character, Sue Sylvester.



            Jane Lynch on CBS This Morning

            Jane Lynch on acting career, Obama backing same-sex marriage

            Jane Lynch has taken the acting world by storm with her roles in movies like “The 40 Year old Virgin” and television shows like “Glee.” She stops be “CBS This Morning” to talk about her new book and her enthusiasm for President Obama.


            Lynch “Moved” by Obama’s same-sex marriage stance

            (CBS News) Actress Jane Lynch recently weighed in on President Obama’s announcement of support for same-sex marriage. She thanked him, via Twitter, for the dignity that the words brought her and her family.

            Lynch married clinical psychologist Lara Embry in 2010, and shares in the parenting of Embry’s 10-year-old daughter, Haden.

            “I don’t take the debate about gay rights personally sometimes,” Lynch said. “And I took this… I really felt it. It really moved me. It touched me.”

            Lynch has won a Golden Globe, Emmy, Screen Actors Guild and a People’s Choice Award. But not everyone thought the “Glee” star had what it takes to be a successful actress. When she was a teenager, she received a rejection letter from Universal Studios that said she needed more professional training.

            “I think that was kind of a snotty letter,” she said. “But I took as being, ‘It’s on Universal letterhead!’ I was so thrilled! But it was basically… crushing the dreams of a 14-year-old on the south side of Chicago. But, I of course, did not take heed. It kept me going.”

            It’s one of the stories in her best-selling memoir, “Happy Accidents,” now out in paperback.

            Lynch said acting was in her blood. She said her father had crazy sayings and would sing all day long.

            “I do it now,” she said. “I am the walking incarnation of my father. My dad is this Irish-Catholic cut-up. He loved being on stage. He use to do the church shows. He would have been a vaudevillian, if he had been brought up back then.”

            Lynch’s mom tried to more tempered approach to the young actress’ dream. She once told her that not everybody is cut out to be an actress.

            “I cried from the depth of my soul,” Lynch said.

            Lynch and her mother laughed about the moment in the years since.


            Spoiler on Glee – Who’s the father of Sue’s baby?

            Question: Who’s the father of Sue’s baby on Glee? —Elizabeth
            Ausiello: “Antonio Banderas,” Jane Lynch joked last week at a TV Academy event honoring the show. “I just pulled that out of my hat.” The truth is, Lynch knows very little about her baby plot save for the fact that there is a baby in there. “I know that Sue’s supposed to give birth in September, so whether that happens before the fourth season starts or in the off-season I have no idea,” she shared. “There are many [variables]. I could lose the baby. I am 51, so it’s a risk and they already [established] that some abnormalities in a previous episode.”


            Sue Sylvester is horrible and mean but she’s not scary

            Glee star Jane Lynch: Sue Sylvester is horrible and mean but she’s not scary

            Actress Jane Lynch, 51, won an Emmy in 2010 for playing no-nonsense gym teacher Sue Sylvester in TV series Glee. She talks to Metro about tracksuits, what she was like at school, and hosting the Emmys.

            Sue Sylvester is such a scary character. Are people you meet frightened of you?

            No, no. Sue Sylvester isn’t dangerous. She’s very mean, she’s insulting, she’s a horrible human being but she’s laughable. She’s not… what’s the name of that character in The Silence Of The Lambs? What she says is ridiculous. And I think a lot of people, too, when they stop me wish they could say what I say and get away with it.

            Are we ever going to find out what made Sue so mean?

            Yes, we’re going to get a piece of that in this series. We find out that Sue herself may have been a lover of musical theatre as a child. And perhaps someone badmouthed her. [Laughs] I don’t know.

            You must love going to work in your tracksuit.

            Oh, it’s like getting back into your pyjamas. I now have probably 30 tracksuits. The wardrobe designer likes to get a new batch every seven or eight episodes and she’s crazy with the colours. I have a fuchsia one, a lime green one. They’re fabulous.

            Did you base Sue on someone you knew?

            I had a teacher in college, a drama teacher, and she was feared and loved by everybody. No one was unaffected by her. When she walked through the hall – and she always wore, like, shawls, and she was very dramatic, and she was about 6ft tall – people were like [sucks in her breath in fear]. You didn’t want her to look at you but you died if she didn’t. You wanted her to see you and you wanted her to think you were somebody but, in a way, that made you a target too because she could be awful. And I think that’s who I was doing with Sue.

            What were you like in high school? A science geek? A cheerleader?

            No, no science, no cheerleading. I loved choir. I sang in the choir all four years and it was my favourite hour of the day. And I did sports as well. I was recruited for the basketball team because I was 6ft at 14.

            Do you think we might see some romance for Sue in the new series?

            We might see something. It has been rumoured to me and I think I can say it here that Sue’s heart might actually be engaged to a certain fella.

            Do you think you could have coped with this success when you were younger?

            That’s a good question and the answer is no. I was very much influenced by what I’d hear on the outside. My self-esteem would have blown with the winds of public opinion. I probably would have been reading blogs and comments on blogs, and they would probably hurt my feelings and make me feel awful about myself. And if they were positive, they would inflate me. I think I would have had, 20 years ago, a hard time finding a happy medium.

            How did it feel to host the Emmys last year and then lose?

            That’s so funny. I truly do not see it as winning or losing. I was nominated for an Emmy and that’s a win. I don’t know anybody who looks at it as winning and losing. I think it’s more important to the audience than it is to us. Being nominated is great and exciting but, win or lose, I never felt like a loser. Presenting it was very stressful, mind…

            What are you going to do after Glee? Have you thought about it?

            I’m very happy with where I am right now. It takes up enough of my time and my creative energy. I am not looking to do anything else. I did a movie over the summer with the Farrelly brothers [directors of There’s Something About Mary] called The Three Stooges. But my ambition does not burn like it used to. People say: ‘Don’t you want to direct?’ And I almost feel like I should say: ‘Of course I do,’ but I don’t. And they say: ‘Don’t you want to go back to the theatre?’ No! It’s a lot of work for not much money. But you know what? I probably will at some point because I’m an actor and I’m compelled to do it.

            How are things with the wife and daughter?

            Well, I moved into my new house, which I had built from my old house. I knocked it down. Actually, my wife, Lara, has really been leading this up because I’ve been busy working and everything. But it’s so wonderful to be in that house. And my daughter walks down the street to school, which is nice.

            How cool does your daughter think you are?

            It’s so funny. Kids adjust like that [snapping fingers]. So… not so cool. I’ve taken her to premieres of really big hit movies and she appreciates them. But I pick her up from school and the kids, in the beginning, were like: ‘It’s Sue Sylvester.’ And now I’m just another mom.


            Jane Lynch Meets Mitt Romney: GOP Candidate ‘Does Not Know How To Talk To People’

            Jane Lynch wants to make one thing quite clear: she is no Mitt Romney fan.

            The 51-year-old “Glee” star told Politico that she wasn’t impressed after having a run-in with the Republican presidential candidate at an event leading up to the NASCAR Daytona 500 auto race over the weekend.

            “It was like small talk, but he didn’t really hear a word I said,” Lynch recalled. “It affirmed for me that the guy does not know how to relate to people.”

            The outspoken actress, who is married to Lara Embry, took time to reiterate her support for President Obama even though she’s previously been quoted as calling him a “huge disappointment” when it comes to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, and added that she wasn’t concerned about a GOP candidate beating him in November. “He’s one of those people who moves slowly, so at first I was like come on, get a move on,” she noted. “But he’s done great things — rescued the car industry, killed Osama bin Laden and the right doesn’t want to give him any credit for it.”


            ‘Glee’s Jane Lynch Joins Indie Film Comedy

            EXCLUSIVE: Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning Glee star Jane Lynch has boarded Black Bear Pictures’ feature film A.C.O.D. She joins Richard Jenkins and Adam Scott in the Stuart Zicherman-directed comedy which Zicherman wrote with Ben Karlin. Karlin is the co-creator of The Colbert Report and long time exec producer of The Daily Show who most recently got a Golden Globes nomination for producing 50/50. Teddy Schwarzman is producing and fully financing the project through his Black Bear Pictures’ shingle. Karlin and Tim Perell will also produce.

            Lynch will play ‘Dr. Judith,’ a down on her luck author and therapist who jumps at the chance to regain the spotlight when her former patient Carter (Scott) shows up seeking her advice. “We’re really excited to have Jane Lynch join the cast of A.C.O.D.,” said Schwarzman. “We look forward to watching her bring the exceptional character of ‘Dr. Judith’ to life.” Lynch will next be seen on the big screen in the Pete and Bobby Farrelly-directed The Three Stooges, which opens April 13. She is represented by Domain.

            Black Bear Pictures recently wrapped Broken City, whish stars Mark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and the company next produces J.C. Chandor’s All Is Lost, which will star Robert Redford. Black Bear is also developing with Jeremy Renner, King Of Heists, based on the bestselling book by J. North Conway.